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Welcome to Chanelle Veterinary. We pride ourselves as being one of the industry leaders in veterinary supplies and research worldwide. The Chanelle Group of Companies with a presence in 80 countries operates in the field of product development, manufacturing and distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals.


As one of the leaders in generic drug development and manufacturing in Europe we provide top quality product from our advanced manufacturing operation to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


The Chanelle Group has also diversified into the human pharmaceutical market and offers the following services: R&D, registration and sale of generic dossiers, contract manufacturing and packaging. Chanelle have been registering and manufacturing generic Animal Health Products since 1985.


Chanelle Pet Accessories specialises in the wholesale of high quality pet products to the pet trade in Ireland.  Chanelle is one of the largest wholesalers in Ireland today and dispatches 95,000 parcels and 1,200 pallets a year from a brand new purpose built 50,000 sq ft warehouse.

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